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Power Washing is Vital for the Health of Your Deck

After this brutal winter, it seems that everyone is spending as much time outside as possible. There is a lot of fun to be had this time of year; however, it is important to not overlook the work that must be done to ensure that this is the greatest summer ever. With all the gardening, lawn work, and spring-cleaning currently taking place, it can be easy to overlook where the majority of your summer fun takes place: your deck. The great news is that Deck ReDo is here to take the hassle out of deck maintenance for you!

Harsh winters (like the one we survived) can wreak havoc on your deck. Dirt and grime left behind after the snowmelt can lead to a less-than-appealing result. If you have had your deck stained and sealed within the past few years and are still unpleased with its dingy appearance, the solution may be as simple as power washing.

Power washing uses a high-pressured stream of water to rid the wood of debris and help restore your deck’s original wood stain. Along with drastically improving the overall appearance of your deck, power washing has many other benefits, including:

  • Much more efficient and thorough than other deck cleaning techniques
  • Reverses aging and extends the life of your deck
  • Eliminates molds and allergens that accumulate on wood
  • Locks in deck stain to maintain great appearance throughout the year

The team of professionals at Deck ReDo offers the best deals in the Twin Cities for power washing services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and have the best-looking deck in the neighborhood this summer!

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Find Exceptional Deck Staining Services at Deck ReDo.

This Minnesota winter and chilly spring are finally coming to an end. The continued cold and snow has not made for a great motivator to go outside and start on cleaning and deck restoration. You may be tempted to ask questions like: “Should I stain my deck after all? Is it really that important?”

Deck ReDo’s short answer is yes – it is. Though it’s tempting to just let your deck be a little bit dingier this year, that mild discoloration isn’t the only issue. Decking sealers and wood stains go beyond a beautiful exterior and can actually contribute to a longer-lasting structure that adds value to your home.

Deck stain and sealers work together to help protect wood against:

  • Moisture
  • Weathering
  • Dirt and grime
  • Cracks and splits
  • UV rays
  • And more

Sun, water, and use are the main culprits behind damage and discoloration, and it is important to protect your deck through professional deck refinishing services. Our deck staining specialists at Deck ReDo assist Minneapolis/St. Paul and the surrounding areas with full deck maintenance, from cleaning and pressure washing services to sealants, stains, paints, and more.

To ensure an effective, attractive result, our team uses only the best-quality deck sealers and wood stains and applies them by hand. This gives you an even finish and saves you money through lower waste.

Contact the Deck ReDo team today. We’ll make sure your deck is stunning and ready for summer, while you stay inside where it’s warm!

Deck Staining and Painting

Deck Refinishing Services and More!

Restore your deck and more this spring with Deck ReDo’s newest partner!

We’ve joined Triumph Painting, a Farmington-based residential and commercial painting company, to meet all of your exterior and interior finish restoration needs. In addition to our deck staining, refinishing, and power washing services, we are now able to offer you residential painting and finishing for your home.

It’s easy to go into spring with the intention of tackling those big home projects that have been on your mind all winter.

However, many homeowners become disillusioned when confronted with factors such as:

  • Lack of proper equipment for DIY endeavors
  • Uncertainty as to which products are really the best value
  • Frustration when working with different teams of contractors
  • Inflated pricing for the season

Take advantage of our comprehensive capabilities when you schedule your spring deck refinishing. Beyond painting a deck, Deck ReDo and Triumph Painting offer deck cleaning and sealing, wood staining, and pressure washing services. Benefit from this partnership by working with one professional team for full interior, exterior, and deck restoration, all at competitive rates that save you money. Our extensive combined experience also allows us to make sure that you have the best-quality products for your specific situation to give your finish a brilliant, long lifetime.

Contact our team to discuss your spring work and explore your options through Deck ReDo and Triumph Painting. In addition to a wider range of services, we can also serve a wider region through our partnership. Whether you’re in Burnsville or Blaine, looking for simple deck maintenance or a full home and deck restore, schedule your free estimate by calling 952-303-1311 today.

Deck Cleaning and Deck Refinishing

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Starts with Deck ReDo

We’re entering the season of warmer weather, flowers, and good old-fashioned Spring Cleaning. If you are getting ready for a full deep-clean of your entire home, make sure that you don’t forget the outdoors. Wet winter weather can wreak havoc on a deck, both in looks and in safety.

Suspect your deck isn’t up to par? Get it shining and prepared for outdoor fun with help from Deck ReDo, your Twin Cities solution for:
• Deck cleaning and sealing
• Deck refinishing and restoration
• Deck staining and painting
• Power or pressure washing services
• And more

Beyond a full deck restore, the Deck ReDo team can also alert you to any unsafe components or areas in need of repair – when snow sits on or against your wooden deck for weeks on end, it can result in mold, weakened wood, and unstable railings.

Partner with Deck ReDo to make your Spring Cleaning a little easier this year. Our comprehensive deck maintenance services let you work with one friendly team, from beginning to end. We only use the top-quality cleaning products, equipment, wood stain and paint to ensure a brilliant result that makes your outdoor living area look like new.

Receive more services in more regions due to Deck ReDo’s recent alliance with Triumph Painting, a deck and home service for residential and commercial painting and finishing. Joining forces with Triumph Painting means that, after your deck has been revamped, we can move to your exterior and interior home surfaces as well.

Kick off Spring Cleaning season today by giving Deck ReDo a call at 952-303-1311, emailing, or filling out our online contact form. We serve Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as surrounding areas, from Farmington to Blaine.

Fall Warning!!

Author: MN Deck Stainer

Fall comes quickly and with that will be cold nights and plenty of rain.  Staining should not be done when the nights get too cold, and that can be just a few short weeks away.

Contact Deck ReDo ASAP to get your deck stained, sealed and protected before it is too late – we will be booked up for the year quickly.

Have a great rest of the summer and feel free to contact us for your deck needs.

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If you cant ReDo, start new

Author: MN Deck Stainer

We are frequently asked, “can our deck be fixed or do we need to tear down and rebuild?”

Let’s face it, most decks we come across are in need of some good old TLC.  Stain has faded, the deck has become gray, mildew has turned the deck green, the boards are starting to splinter, or the deck just isn’t impressive.

After a quick phone call to Deck ReDo a game plan is established and before you know it the deck looks good as new and you are back on your deck soaking up every short minute that MN summers have to offer.

HOWEVER, some decks are so lucky and major repairs are needed.   Perhaps too many boards have rotted out, support beams are no longer sufficient, or perhaps the deck just isn’t what it could be.

Today I had the pleasure of touring Ugly Deck’s show room and see what they are up to, and I must admit, I liked what I saw!  So many of us enjoy the real cedar decks – the ability to try new stain colors, see true wood grains, and keep the outdoor feel when on the deck.  Others like the lower maintenance of the composite decking.  Whatever it is you fancy, Ugly Deck aka All Seasons Building Company, will help you make the right choice.

So today Deck ReDo gives a big deck restoration ugly deckshout out to some guys doing it right – Bill and Josh of Ugly Deck:

As always feel free to contact Deck ReDo with questions or comments, we  are happy to be helpful in any way we can.


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TWP color options and examples

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Twp comes in a variety of colors.  The “Main Choices” Below are all able to be mixed, so if you want a little more red, or brown or rust, we can mix and match to create the color you want.  Cedartone is the most popular color as it was developed to bring out some of the natural yellows and slight orange undertones of natural cedar – the most common wood used in MN for decking.

Included below are two slightly different sets of colors as they can vary slightly.  Also please note: the darker colors do get a bit hotter in the summer, this is often overlooked but quickly remembered on those hot July days.

The main choices are:

Dark Oak

Some alternate choices:

Redwood – is more red than these depict
Prairie Gray – is much more grey and solid color than these depict

twp deck stainmn deck stainer


minneapolis deck stain colors

Cedartone Above

minneapolis deck redo

Rustic Above

edina deck stain colors

Honeytone Above

Minneapolis Deck Owners

Author: MN Deck Stainer

deck stainersMinneapolis and surrounding area deck owners, can you believe that just two weeks ago today we were having snow?  Just one week ago our lows were in the 30’s!

Good news, the forecasters are telling us that spring is here – for real this time.  Time to roll out the grills, plant your annuals and seed your grass.  That’s right we survived the winter and now are ready to enjoy the Minnesota Summer – arguably one of the best summers around.

minneapolis award winnerFUN FACT:  There is only one month that MN has never seen snow!

Be sure you are squeezing the most out of summer, and if you need help with this be sure to call Deck ReDo, your experts on deck staining and deck sealing :)

Before you stain your deck!!

Author: MN Deck Stainer

Spring is here the snow has melted and we are itching to get out on our decks.  For many of us we are looking at a deck that may have seen better days.  If you are considering having your deck or staining it yourself, do yourself a favor and give us a call.  We offer free estimates with absolutely no obligations.

Considering staining it yourself?  Have you done a google search for: how do i stain my deck or how to stain a deck?  Have you gone to the local handy man store and asked what they recommend?  Do yourself a favor and call the pros at Deck ReDo.  You will learn that not all stains are created equally, preparing a deck does not involve scrubbing with a chemical cleaner, and that some stains will end up peeling and costing you years of grief (that’s right, your choice in stain could leave you stuck for a couple years – minimum).

Semi transparent solid stain, penetrating oil based stain, paraffin, wax, oil rub….   Give us a call and let us help you out.  952-303-1311

Bob Baker is Back

Author: MN Deck Stainer

Although it is not 100% official, Bob Baker of Deck ReNu will be coming out of retirement to lend a hand with sales, project management and even a little deck staining for Deck ReDo.  For all our loyal customers in the combined 20+ years of operations we look forward to a great season of deck restoration, staining and sealing.

As always give us a call or send us an email for all your deck needs.  Servicing Minneapolis and surrounding areas.


Jason Dailey
Deck ReDo